Edward St. Moritz – CD Release "Small Things Shining Bright"

Upper Room, Nutrition Plus, 36 Maple Ave., Barrie, ON

The time has come to finally celebrate the arrival of my CD “Small Things Shining Bright”. That damn heart attack New Year’s Eve got in the way. It’s like an elephant’s gestation of a CD release. Saturday, October 14th, from 7:00 to 9:00 In the upstairs room of Nutrition Plus. Middle door marked 38 Maple Ave. It will be the one with the awning out. Suggested donation of $20.00 to defray musician’s and other expenses. Owners Jason Ing and Kimberley Gooderham have generously given me the space to perform the songs, not just from the CD produced last year, but also some hints and new songs of what is to come - a second production. More quirky and dark loveliness. And you are invited. I am convening a group of great musicians (Ray Dillard, Bruce Rumble, Alyssa Wright) to play and we’ll make this an extended livingroom party. Yes, there will be CDs available at $20.00 (for those of you already the lucky possessors of one, they make great gifts. I will sign them). Refreshments and munchies will make their appearance. Come out for an evening of original music, storytelling and renewed inspiration. I will consider it an honour to see you there. Please RSVP to violaplayer.moritz@gmail.com to let me know that you are coming. I have to know how many people to make a certain special treat for… Thank you. Edward St Moritz (aka Edward Moll)