Returning to the Light – or at least the stage

Hello everyone! 

     I'm sorry I've been so quiet recently.  Shortly after the debut of my "not-a-one-woman-show", "Music For the Changing Voice" (that amazing photo to the right was created for the show by Peter Stranks), life as I knew it exploded... or imploded... or... just ploded (!).  Those of you who follow my blog ramblings have  already seen a glimpse of what's been up, but the "Readers Digest" version is... it's been a year of chaos and major life changes, followed by some much-needed recovery and realignment for me.  But I am happy to say that I'm starting to emerge from the cocoon, and getting back into performance mode (and writing mode, hallelujah!) at last. 

     Many people have been asking if we'll be doing "Music For the Changing Voice" again, and I'm happy to report that the answer is YES – but there are no particular dates set up just yet.  We're currently working on finding a director who can help guide and shape the production, and then will work from there.  I know it sounds a little silly to say, after having only two months to create and rehearse the darned thing in the first place, but... these things take time.  Fear not, we're determined to move forward, and forward we are moving – just not in a way that's immediately obvious on the outside.  I promise to let you know as it starts to take shape!  (Although if Arkady and I have any more meringue dates, my shape will be decidedly rounder...) 

     As I've been squirming my way out of that cocoon, squinting at the light, there has been much healing and restorative creation time for me.  I'm not sure if those creations are ever going to be seeing the light, but they've helped push me back into it, at least.  So in the last few months I've been getting involved in a few new projects, and finally have some real-live performances to tell you about – all close to home for the time being (sorry to folks further afield – I'll hit the road again eventually!).   

     First off, I've recently started playing with a new Celtic band – well, the band has been around for a while, but I'm new to the scene – called Pagan's Folly, and we've been having a lot of fun putting together a program called "Ireland's Dream".  We'll be debuting the "unplugged" version of the show on Sunday, March 18 (yes, the day after St. Patrick's Day) at 3pm at Collier St. United Church in Barrie.  Admission is by freewill donation.  I've been working on my "fiddle" bow arm, and enjoying diving in to a new (to me) genre of music head-first (and sometimes the other end, but I persevere!).  Next Sunday, I'll be fiddling away, channelling my inner John Showman (or just praying I have an inner John Showman), and trying to forget that I’m surrounded by tall men in kilts!  Full details are available here

     Only a few days later, I switch gears back to my classical side, in a recital with Marilyn Reesor as part of Music At St. Andrew's – a noon-hour concert on Wednesday, March 21 at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Barrie.  Marilyn will be performing music for solo organ and piano, and I will be joining her to perform works by Shostakovich, Stravinsky and Piazzolla on cello and piano, as well as pieces by Piazzolla, Bloch and Stravinsky on cello and organ.  Some moodiness, some flashy hair-tossing (oops, I cut my hair...), some fun had by all.  Admission is a mere $5, or free if you're a student.  More information is available here

     Slightly further afield, I'll be reprising my "duet with birdies", and all the other beautiful music of Paul Winters's "Missa Gaia" on Sunday, April 22 at the re-vamped St. Paul's Centre in Orillia.  This just got confirmed, so I don't have all the details (hardly any of the details, honestly) at the moment, but I'll update my event page as soon as they start to fill in. 

     Also just confirmed, I'll be part of the band for Theatre By The Bay'"Stars Come Out" show on May 14 at Barrie's Georgian Theatre.  This annual event is a show packed with song, music and dance performed by the biggest stars from the most popular shows in Toronto.  So you can stargaze, hear amazing performances, and support Theatre By the Bay's 2018 season all in one night!  Tickets range from $27 - $125, and can be purchased here (full line-up to be announced shortly!). 

     Well, that's all the news that's (currently) fit to print, but there are all sorts of adventures being planned behind the scenes, some new music in the works, and more writing.  All in good time, my pretties, all in good time! 

     I hope the last few months have treated you gently, and I look forward to our paths crossing again sometime soon.  In the meantime, take good care of yourselves. 


Truth and Beauty, friends! 

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