1. The Other Side

From the recording Dark Waters

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The Other Side

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Todd Lumley: piano
Mark Mariash: percussion
Darrin Schott: mandolin
Alyssa Wright: cello, lead & harmony vocals

Percussion recorded at Sunflower Studios, Angus


Hey, put that gun away, dry your eyes
I didn't break your heart, merely stole your pride
It sure feels good to be on the other side

You always were the kind to overreact
Your best defence has always been a well-laid plan of attack
Misery attracts a lot of flies
Well sugar me up and lay me down
They'll be hearing the buzz throughout this shit-kicking town
Don't you wish these walls had eyes?

You wheeled and sealed, you bartered hope
You wanted light but you settled for smoke
You became the one you most despised
Well the spell is cast, the lines are drawn
The flesh is weak, but the should is gone
You're the master of your own demise
Laying down with the lions or living on the lam
Life is so much easier when you do not give a damn

So kiss me where I hurt, it'll make you feel better
I never said I loved you, merely liked you in that sweater
Virgin wool is such a great disguise
Well butter me up and hose me down
Your future's laid on the cold, hard ground
Nature is the mother of compromise
So put that gun away and dry your eyes
I didn't break your heart, merely stole your pride
And oh, it feels so good to be on the other side

©2006, Alyssa Wright (SOCAN)