1. Breathe

From the recording Dark Waters

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Don Bray: claps
Mark Mariash: percussion
Alyssa Wright: bodhran, claps, throat singing, lead vocals

Percussion tracks recorded at Sunflower Studio, Angus.


The glint, the plan, the question
The kick, the call, the anticipation
Whisper turning into a scream
Everyone is praying: Breathe

East Wind, speak your word
Breathe new life into her
Alight that vital spark, enable her to see
Spirit of Fire, Breathe

The rush, the push, the scream
Soon we will fill you up with all our hopes and dreams
But for now
All we're asking for is: Breathe

South Wind, speak your word
Breathe comfort into her
Nourish, love your sacred seed
Spirit of the Earth, Breathe

The path is old, companions many
Beyond the bends you cannot see
And at those times you feel you can't go on
Just Breathe

West Wind, speak your word
Breathe wisdom into her
Dissolve the barriers and set her free
Spirit of Water, Breathe

Naked you arrived, naked you will leave
Naked you will feel many times between
All you can do to make it through is: Breathe

North Wind, speak your word
Breathe courage into her
Give her strength to change the wrongs she sees
Spirit of the Air, Breathe

Ground yourself upon the earth
Take inspiration from the skies
Circle has brought you here, circle within you lies

Fire, earth, air and sea
Fire, earth, air and sea
Fire, earth, air and sea