1. Catherine

From the recording Dark Waters

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Don Bray: guitar, harmony vocals
Jennifer Ives: harmony vocals
Todd Lumley: accordion
Mark Mariash: percussion
Alyssa Wright: cellos, lead & harmony vocals

Percussion recorded at Sunflower Studios, Angus


You, you’re still standing on the edge of that cliff, waiting for your shit to come in
Not a clue where you’re going, but you serve a mean batch of where you have been
Dash of bitters, sour grapes, pinch of salt for your wounds
Turn up the heat and start brewing
Equal portions pain and sorrow, stir in doom and gloom
Suck it up and start stewing

They, they told you not to think, they told you not to feel
But now it’s twenty years later
And even twenty years later they’re still spinning your wheel

You, you’ve spent a lot of time analyzing what’s between black and white, and right and wrong
You still haven’t found the dividing line ‘tween them and you, the singer and the song
Between the paper and the wall, between the orange and the peel
You’re left with a whole bunch of nothing
‘Tween his rise and your fall, ‘tween the truth and what is real
It’s hard to keep a lid on all that stuffing

You, have you forgotten how to think; forgotten how to feel
Oh Catherine, oh poor Catherine, you’re just spinning your wheels

You, you’re still diving into haystacks, searching for the straw that’ll break your back
You still haven’t figured out the difference ‘tween love and a panic attack
Where they end and you begin, the world will never know
While you insist on this raging
Take a bite of that apple; out of the garden you’ll go
Release that beast you’ve been caging

Do you remember how to think, remember how to feel
Oh Catherine, oh poor Catherine
God-damn it Catherine, stop spinning your wheel

You, you’re so bloody proud of yourself for finally figuring out shades of grey
But you still can’t open your eyes to the beauty of this endless Technicolor day

It’s time you learned how to think, time you learned how to feel
Oh Catherine, you’re stuck in your own wheel

Teach yourself how to think, teach yourself how to feel
Oh Catherine, oh Catherine, stop spinning your wheel
Oh Catherine, oh poor Catherine, god-damn it Catherine

©2005, Alyssa Wright (SOCAN)