1. Beautiful Lies

From the recording Dark Waters

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Beautiful Lies

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Don Bray: electric guitar
Mark Mariash: percussion
Patrick McPhail: electric bass
Alyssa Wright: guitar, lead & harmony vocals

Percussion recorded at Sunflower Studios, Angus


As vision is to fiction, or hockey is to skates
As substance to addiction, and prophecy to fate
So were we, so were we
Your snake, my ladder
Your whitewash, my rose madder
I’m not sorry that it’s over, I’m not sorry that I tried
‘Cause until I learned the ugly truth
We sure had one beautiful lie

As moonlight is to madness, or oxygen to fire
As children are to ponies, and music to the choir
So is love, so is love
You told me we were playing for keeps, but
You were only playing catch and release
You never did listen, the many times I tried to tell you
I always preferred the ugly truth
You prefer the beautiful lies – such beautiful lies

I’m not sorry I met you, I’m not sorry I left you
There were lessons worth learning, the world, it kept turning, now it’s time to go home

As passion is to reason, or babies are to hate
As horses are to blinders, and vegans are to steak
So was I, so was I
And on that day when I saw your other face
I’ll admit I could have handled things with a touch more grace
But you never believed me, though I screamed to the skies
All I wanted was the ugly truth
You kept telling me beautiful lies

As zebras are to bowling, or dreams to what is real
As wisdom is to butter, mountain-climbing to high heels
So were you, so were you
But you don’t need me to tell you your mistakes
I saw that look of shame cross over your face
Double dare, no compromise
I’d rather hear the ugly truth
Than fall for another of your beautiful lies – you had such beautiful lies

I’m not sorry I met you, I’m not sorry I left you
There’s still lessons worth learning, the world keeps turning, now it’s time to come home

As aloe to a sunburn, as liquor is to lust
As poetry to heartache, as water is to rust

©2005, Alyssa Wright (SOCAN)