Part Deux: Conversations with Men about Rape Culture

Oh dear, I left you folks hanging for a few days longer than intended, sorry!

If your memory is like this forty-something's, you might want to refresh yourself on the initial conversation with the brave and curious "A" here, in which he asks some important questions and I blather on for a bit, then we have juice and cookies and each of us feels better understood and enlightened.

When suddenly, "A" pops out the following idea:

"I had another thought this evening, would like to know what you think...

"I wonder to what extent this culture is a symptom of deeper structural problems in society.  It's common in today's society for morality to trumped by corporate and financial interest.  The argument could be made that the current unrealistic and unfavourable depiction of women in advertising and media etc is driven primarily by the constant competition of the capitalist paradigm. (ie. "If the woman on our billboard or in our movie is more 'desirable' than the woman on our competitions billboard/ movie, more people will look at it and we will therefore have a better quarterly statement.")  It's frightening the extent that modern marketing goes to hijack our senses and grab our attention...  I imagine that without the pressure for ever-increasing profits, we might be better able to focus on what's most beneficial and moral on a social level, rather than on whats the most profitable.  This could be just one example, but it's just a thought I had :) "

Can I just say:  BAM!!!  (Followed by a happy dance and high fives.)

This, my friends, is why it's so important to get the conversation started with EVERYONE, inclusively.  Because once the conversation starts, thoughts get churning around, and young men start to say brilliant things like "A" just did.  And once one brilliant young man speaks up, other men can see that they're invited to join in the conversation.

Guys, if you haven't received your invitation yet, here's none other than Emma Watson saying "c'mon over":

And here's a fellow male, telling you why he feels men should be a part of the conversation and solution:

There has been lots more conversation, but my lunch is calling me, so I'll leave it at that for now.  I'll try to get back to it in better time this time.  :)

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